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Understanding where you want to go in life is the key to creating the life you want.
Creating wealth, prosperity and security for yourself, your loved ones and your business is no different.


Your trust in us is highly valued

We highly respect the trust you place in us to help you realise your lifestyle and financial goals.
For this reason, we will ensure that our values are evident in the way we treat you, those closest to you and your business.


Prosperity means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? For some people, a prosperous life might mean the freedom to travel whenever they want or a dream home. For you, it might mean something else. We help you identify your version of prosperity, and then show you the steps you need to take to achieve it. Get in touch to know more about Polestar.

Financial Solutions

Taking care of you and your loved one’s financial needs is the bedrock for creating a prosperous life. We work with you to identify the needs and place them in the correct order of priority for you to address them. Our financial solutions include:
For you:

Savings, Protection, Investments, Pensions For your business: Business protection, Corporate Investments, Strategic Wealth Management, Directors, Executives Pensions

Business Risk Services

Risk is a part of life, and business, but there are ways to manage it. With our cost-effective solutions, we ensure that you can trade and thrive no matter how circumstances change.

We provide insurance solutions for:

Combined Packages

Whether its commercial, retail, wholesale or manufacturing we can provide a policy that protects yours assets.

Contractors / Allied Trades

Market leading policies for employers, public or contractors all risks, for your contract works from private house construction to commercial projects.

Directors and Officers

Liability cover to protect company directors or an organisation for loss or legal defence costs.

Offices & Shops

Package policies to cover property, business interruption, computers, for shops offices and surgeries.

Cyber Liability

Protection of intellectual property, privacy losses, virus transmission arising out of internet communications or transmissions.

Claims Management

Active claims management programme with insurers on claims, reserves and investigations to minimise losses.

Commercial Property

Covers to protect assets and liabilities for your commercial activities.

What does liquidity for lifestyle mean for you?

Too much personal financial advice is based on fear. Planning for the future, or even thinking about planning for the future can become a stressful activity. You feel worried about having enough and anxious over what your next years will look like. Despondency sets in as you get bombarded with stories of financial apocalypse from the media. We are here to tell you there is another way.
We start with you

We don’t do fear or luck. We do prosperity and roadmaps. When we work with you we do not start with products. We are not here to find out whether you need a pension plan or an insurance policy. These products may be part of a sound financial plan and they do have their benefits but they may not necessarily be right for you right now. Putting the control in your hands, one of our great privileges is experiencing the transformation people go through when they realise that creating prosperity doesn’t need to be overwhelming, intimidating and unattainable. More than 700 clients have found ways to achieve the lifestyle they want.
Would you like to do the same?

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If you would like to discuss your financial requirements or find out how you can create prosperity for your life, please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.